Philips Hue DIY kitchen light

Since my previous Philips Hue rip-off did fairly well on Thingiverse, Reddit and YouTube, I’ve been thinking about a new video to make in the same directions. Lo and behold, a new rip-off video, this time of the Philips Hue Ensis.

If you don’t know what the Ensis look like, it’s this one:

Philips Hue Ensis

And here’s how I made my DIY version:


  • 2x Gledopto controllers (link)
  • 2x 1m aluminum LED profiles with diffuser (link)
  • 2x wood boards (21mm x 130mm x 1000mm, but feel free to adjust the design to your size from the Tinkercad link)
  • A 12v 3A power supply (link)
  • 2m of RGB CCT LED strip with all color types in 1 LED (link)
  • Some general 230v wire
  • Some 18 AWG wire to solder the LED strip

How to put it all together

  1. Cut the LED strip to the correct length (in my case 2 pieces of 1m) and solder colored wires if you need to.
  2. Stick the strip in the profiles and add the diffusers on top (after testing your strips to avoid trouble like in the video)
  3. Print the necessary parts or order them from an online printing service.
  4. Find wooden boards to size and pre-drill for your screws. For extra points, you can use a countersink bit to make sure the screws are flush.
  5. Screw one side bracket to the wooden board and slide in the LED profiles. Then screw in the second bracket. Then you can wire the whole thing and add the power supply in the ceiling box.
  6. Mount it to your ceiling using 2 screws and washers, and you’re done!

Useful links

More pictures