My week on Joylent

Disclaimer: This post was written quite a while ago. Since then, Joylent has stepped up their game massively. They added a bunch of flavors, shipping is way faster, the powder comes in pretty bags, powder is much less grainy, etc etc. So if you find any dealbreakers in this post, chances are they have been updated since then.

Maybe you’ve already heard about Soylent, the American food-alternative that promises a quick, cheap way to gulp down all the nutrients you need. All you have to do is shake together their powder and water, until you have 2 liters of yellowish goo that replaces your 3 meals for a day. It’s been making a lot of waves in the media, with a bunch of people who think food is a necessary evil and love the idea, but also lots of people who think it’s ridiculous and hate it. I’ve seen The Verge review Soylent and one of them actually lived a full month on nothing but these shakes. Here’s a quick video of their experience: Continue reading “My week on Joylent”