About me

Reading my blog might tell you a lot about who I am and what I like doing. In the unlikely event you still want to know more about me, I created this small little profile page.


MAD-fac_logo zonder tekst_RGB 72 dpi_0I completed High School in Science & Modern languages, but quickly learned I had no plans doing science for the rest of my life. I made the jump to the Media, Arts and Design Faculty in Genk, where I picked up design and programming. My natural reflex to figure things out and make little prototypes made it a great decision to complete my studies there.


inventis-logo In my 3rd year of college, we had to do an internship. I had been following Inventis as a company for a while by then, since it seemed like a company that valued the happiness of it’s employees and quality of the products they delivered. They also had a lot of clients that drew my attention, like a music festival. Ever since my 3-month internship there, I hardly ever left. I finished my Master year in college while working here on the side, only to sign my contract in July 2011.


Arctic sunset

What I love doing above all is heading out with backpack and tent. Packing up, heading out and just hike around, see stunning views and meet new people is the most amazing way to forget about the rat race we’re in at home. Setting up tent after a long day of hiking in a place like this also eliminates the need of a TV or internet…